Jedit 4.2 final is released

At last! Get it here.
Jedit is a Java-based editor which is useful not just for Java programming, but for most other programming languages too.

One of its biggest strengths is the amount of available plugins combined with the built in plugin manager. To enhance Jedit you should first download the BufferTabs (or BufferSelector) plugin, both provides easy navigation between buffers. The Background and LookAndFeel plugins are what you need to make Jedit look cool.

Python programmers should download the JythonInterpreter plugin right away. It includes a Jython shell and a code browser for Python. WhiteSpace and JPyDebug makes Jedit even better for Python development.

There are also plugins for Java development (of course), PHP, Perl, XML, project management etc. Just open the Plugin Manager and explore.

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