Exploring the depths of SourceForge, PHP projects

If you are looking for a piece of software, a search through SourceForge often gives results. I barely scratched the surface of the 9221 PHP projects and found some not well known, very interesting ones.

phpSysInfo is a script for displaying various information about your system. It requires that safe_mode is set to off so you probably can’t run it on your shared host.

pLog is another weblog software with an impressive feature list. The current version number is 0.3, suggesting that it’s not so stable yet.

phpFormGenerator is a wizard-based form creator that lets you build web forms without any programming. You can store form input in a database or have it emailed to you

phpCodeGenie is a code generator for database-driven applications. It generates CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) code for most databases(MySQL, PostGreSQL, FireBird etc.). Just input a database table and phpCodeGenie generates a codebase you can work on, including html forms.

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