Exploring the depths of Sourceforge, Python projects

Sourceforge contains many well known and even more unknown open source projects. With this post I will highlight some less known but still very useful Python based projects.

Python bindings to the Google API allows you to do Google searches, retrieve pages from the Google cache, and ask Google for spelling suggestions.

Karrigell is a simple, lightweight but full-featured web framework, written in Python. Includes builtin server, object-relational modules for gadfly and sqlite, python in html or html in python modes, decent documentation. Looks like a friendly environment for learnign web programming with Python.

PyWebMail is a Python library and collection of tools for working with WebMail servers (POP3, SMTP etc.)

Pyana is an extension module that allows Python programs to interface with the Apache Software Foundation’s Xalan XSLT transformation engine.

Snakelets is a servlet-like web app framework, probably ideal for ex-Java programmers.

PyDBDesigner is a free relational database modeling tool that is planned to be able to design both logical and physical models similarly to Erwin(c) and PowerDesigner. Its goal is to provide a useful toolset that allows developers analysts and database designers to design and develop databases from the verbal model to the schemas and SQL scripts.

Venster is a highly native Windows GUI toolkit for Python based on the ctypes ffi library. The aim of Venster is to be a very lightweight wrapper around the standard Win32 API, making it easy to write slick windows applications in pure Python.

Scratchy is an Apache Web Server log parser and HTML report generator written in Python.

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  1. John P. Speno Says:

    I’m ready to see more. Thanks!

  2. hb Says:

    Finally a non-spam comment! Cool! Maybe I’ll dig even deeper one day to do a followup to this post.